Are you seeking an alternative, holistic healing path, but don’t know where to start?  Are you confused and overwhelmed by the wealth of holistic healing modalities?  Have you received conflicting or confusing advice, or tried several different therapies that seemed to do little for you?  Waves of Change is here to help.  Our consultation service is designed to empower you, through education, knowledge, and clear explanation, to make the health care choices that are best for you.

When it comes to holistic medicine, there are few places seekers can go for comprehensive guidance and advice.  Most seekers of complimentary and alternative medicine must go from one practitioner to another, trying out various modalities, sometimes for years, until they find one or two that are right for them.

Waves of Change offers a unique consultation service designed to demystify and simplify the process of choosing a healing path.  For a nominal fee, a Waves of Change holistic consultant and counselor will meet with you, discuss your challenges, and assist and guide you through the process of choosing from various treatment options.

Most complimentary and alternative medical practices make referrals exclusively within their practice.  But no one or two therapies fit all.  At Waves of Change, we recommend therapies and refer you to practitioners that best fit YOUR health care needs.  Referrals are made to practitioners working inside Waves of Change and to outside practitioners.  Counselors receive no compensation from practitioners for referrals.

Get started on your path to healing.  Schedule an appointment for a consultation today.  Call us at 707-474-2508, or email us at, or fill out our Contact form.


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