Below is a summary of some of the issues surrounding Smart Meters, (damaging levels of Radio Frequency waves, Dirty Electricity, and Security and Privacy).

If you Google “Smart Meters”, hundreds of sites will come up that warn of the dangers of Smart Meters.  Many of these sites are poorly written rants filled with grammatical errors and bad punctuation, and bristling with wild, unsubstantiated claims.

Please don’t let the “fringy”, ranting nature of some of these websites lead you to believe that fears about Smart Meters are unfounded, or are just being promulgated by conspiracy nuts.  The adverse effects of Smart Meters and the security and privacy issue surrounding them are very real, as explained in the summary below.

There are some websites about Smart Meters that are well written, logical, and contain well-researched scientific explanations of why Smart Meters are a very real threat to our health.  Here is a good one:  The paragraphs on this site could be a little better organized to help with the flow of ideas, but it contains very clear and simple explanations of the science behind the health effects of Smart Meters.  It also expertly rebuts the “explanation” that utility companies provide regarding the safety of Smart Meters, and advises how to have them removed from your home and how to protest the Smart Meter program.

If you want to cut to the chase, here are some links that support information contained in the summary:

Click Here to view a pdf of declassified US Army Report on Bio Effects of Radio Frequency Waves (and how they can be used as a weapon)

Technology proven to shield you from radio frequency waves and EMF pollution:

(Read Personal Testimony for further explanation of this technology.)

Smart Meter Google results will also show hundreds of websites containing stories and testimonials from people who have become gravely ill after Smart Meters were installed in their homes, and many stories of how their health improved dramatically when the meters were removed from their immediate environment.

Here is my story:

Personal Testimony of Adverse Health Effects of Smart Meters


Smart Meters are digital devices installed, by Federal Government decree, to monitor and transmit your electric, gas, and water usage by WiFi every minute of every day.  Each home in each neighborhood, and each apartment in each apartment complex, throughout the US has at least one Smart Meter to monitor electricity usage.  Each dwelling can also have a separate Smart Meter to monitor natural gas usage, and another Smart Meter to monitor water usage.


Smart Meters broadcast strong Radio Frequency (RF) waves, (the same type of RF waves used by all WiFi devices), in a 360 degree bubble throughout your home and beyond.  Designed to send your utility usage information to nodes or electrical substations that can be many blocks away, Smart Meter RF signals are many times stronger then your home Internet WiFi signal. Whole-body cumulative radiation exposure from wireless Smart Meters is 100–160 times more than cell phone exposure.

Each WiFi signal from each Smart Meter sends RF spikes, from seconds to minutes apart, of around 300 mhz. This signal is strong enough to knock calcium ions off the cell membranes of nearby animals, including humans. This weakens the cells membranes, causing them to be leaky, leading to a host of physical and mental ailments, including depression, confusion, forgetfulness, severe headaches, inability to concentrate, changes in mood and aggression, epileptic seizures, organ dysfunction and failure, and even death.

One might think our government is well intentioned but perhaps misguided in placing these disruptive and unhealthy devices in our homes.

However, according to a declassified report from the Department of The Army, released in 2006, the US military conducted experiments that proved that a sustained field of radio frequency waves of 250 mhz can directly cause these very symptoms.  (Click Here to view a pdf of this report)

The Army conducted a study in 1997 to investigate the possibility of using radio frequency waves to disrupt and disable enemy troops.  Investigators found the RF waves of 250 MHZ, (50 MHZ LOWER then the radio frequencies emitted by Smart Meters), concentrated for ½ an hour on subjects in a building hundreds of feet away from the source of the RF waves could experience severe headaches, nausea, disorientation, inability to concentrate, forgetfulness, and changes in aggression, (lethargy or over aggressiveness).

Further, the Army researchers discovered that RF wave strength and frequency must be carefully calibrated, as even small changes could lead to permanent damage to organs, or death.  Read the report for yourself.



Smart Meters release a pulsed signal, which spikes to 300 MHZ, (higher then the RF signals considered necessary in the Army study to disable enemy troops), at variable intervals of 1 second to a few minutes, (depending on the type of meter, usage patterns and other factors), subjecting us to these jabbing spikes of high radio frequency waves 24/7.

Wherever the range of one Smart Meter overlaps the range of another Smart Meter, a hot spot is created in which the already damaging RF signal is compounded.

Since the placement of these devices relative to one another is planned only in so far as to facilitate their communication with nearby nodes, NOT in relation to any health effects, we are all being bombarded with RF radiation of high and varying frequency and strength, with no controls in place to assure that these overlapping radio frequency waves are not combining to cause permanent physical damage or even death.



Smart meters not only emit damaging levels of radio frequency waves, they also generate what is commonly known as dirty electricity.  Dirty electricity is pulsed electromagnetic radiation, and causes numerous health problems.

The 240 volts coming through the power line to the meter on your home must be stepped down to 4–10 volts as it reaches the meter.  Otherwise, the high voltage would fry the computer circuitry in the meter.  A switched mode power supply inside the meter steps down the voltage, then steps it back up to 120 volts, the voltage that powers your home.  This process of stepping down and stepping up generates an enormous amount of what is commonly known as “dirty electricity” and referred to by electricians and electrical engineers as “voltage transients,” “harmonics,” “line noise,” “power quality issues,” or “electromagnetic interference.”  Also, malfunctioning Smart Meter that fail to step down the current entering the meter have led to devastating home fires.

“Clean” electricity produces a smooth wave, called a clean wave.  There are no spikes and no variability.

Dirty electricity produces jagged, spiky, variable waves.

Scientific studies indicate that pulsed electromagnetic waves—that includes dirty electricity and the radio frequency waves emitted by Smart Meters—are especially deleterious to health.

This dirty electricity travels through your home wiring and radiates out from your home wiring, into the room you are in.  You are surrounded by it above in your ceiling, below you if you have a basement, and on all sides, subjecting you to millisecond blasts of dirty electricity 24/7.

Electromagnetic fields of all kinds (radio frequency, microwave, dirty electricity) knock calcium ions off cell membranes.  Besides creating the ionic bond that keeps a cell membrane strong, calcium acts as a neurotransmitter.  When calcium ions are knocked out of place, your heart, your gut, your brain, your muscles, and your hormones can be adversely affected.  In general, the first place that is harmed is the place where you have the least resistance.  Over time, various other organ systems will also be harmed.

Martin Blank, Ph.D, of Columbia University, an initial hardcore skeptic about electrical poisoning from Smart Meters, found in his research that both radio frequency and the pulsed electromagnetic fields from dirty electricity can break DNA bonds.  This is a precursor to cancer.



Smart Meters transmit very specific data about your electricity, water, and gas usage, minute by minute.  These signals contain information about what types of appliances you use and when you use them.  Your refrigerator emits a different electrical signal then your toaster.  Smart Meters transmit this detailed information to your utility company, via radio frequency waves, which can be hacked the same way your home WiFi signal can be hacked.

However, there are no encryption or other security measures built into your Smart Meter transmissions as there are in your home WiFi signal.  So anyone can hack your Smart Meter signal and see your usage patterns.  From these patterns, the hacker can see when you are most often away from home, (i.e. when you leave for, and return from, work each day).  This information can be used, of course, to plan a home robbery or other home invasion crime.

But imagine if this information were eventually to become a commodity and sold to, say, insurance companies who would like to know more about their customers’ lifestyles and habits.

Say you work a night shift and come home every night around 2 am.  Insurance company risk tables indicate that people who return home at 2 am are likely “bar hoppers” and alcoholic, and therefore a greater insurance risk.  After purchasing information about your electrical usage patterns indicating you return home around 2 am most nights, they raise your rates.  Now you have to prove to them that you are not a barhopping alcoholic but that you work a night shift, and you’ll have to petition to have your lower rate re-instated.  Not only is this a pain in the butt, but it can cause inaccurate and misleading information to be recorded about you in places you may not discover for years, due to the current universal sharing of digital information, and the opaqueness of how, when and with whom that information is shared.  So your insurance rate can go up and you won’t even know why.

This is just a small example of what can happen when your home electrical usage is transmitted via unsecured wireless signal throughout the entire neighborhood and beyond.



RF (radio frequency) and EMF (electromagnetic frequency) poisoning is cumulative.  So the best strategy is to remove as much RF and EMF pollution from your environment as possible.

  • Have your utility company replace all Smart Meters on your home with analog meters. In CA, this is a simple process initiated online or with a phone call to your utility company. In other states it can require more effort on your part. Replacing Smart Meters with Analog meters also eliminates the security issues associated with Smart Meters.
  • Change your home Internet WiFi to an Ethernet cable.  Go Here for a more in depth explanation about how to do this.
  • Do not purchase “Smart” appliances that use WiFi.
  • Do not wear “Smart” devices such as computer watches, or FitBits.
  • Keep your Smart Phone away from your body at all times. Put it on Speaker when talking on it, rather then holding it up to your ear.
  • Employ devices that can shield you from Radio Frequency waves, such as those available at
  • Shungite stones, and Black Tourmaline placed around your home and near your computer also work well.
  • Speak up about electrical poisoning from “Smart” technology at every opportunity by contacting your local, state, and federal representatives.

 For more in depth explanation and instructions on how to protect yourself from RF radiation and EMFs, Go Here.

For more information on how Smart Meters affect your health, how to have them removed from your home, and how to protest the Smart Meter program, go to:

This site has clear science-backed information and research about smart meters, and was a source of some of the information contained in this posting.

I also refer you to the book “Overpowered”, by Martin Blank.  This book describes his research into Smart Meters and Dirty Electricity.

If, after removing as many sources of electrical poisoning from your environment as you can, you experience some improvements in health and cognition, but you feel your good health and cognitive abilities have not fully returned, you may need some additional support to heal.  This may be especially true if you have been exposed to Smart Meters over a long period of time, and/or if you are especially physically sensitive to environmental and/or emotional “inputs”.

There are a number of holistic approaches to healing damage from electrical poisoning, and one size does not fit all.  I invite you to call me to schedule a Holistic Health Consultation.  I assist and guide clients to find their unique healing path.  I can refer you to holistic healthcare professionals and modalities that would be best for you.  To schedule an appointment, call me at 707-474-2508.