1.  If you own your home, contact your utility company and request the Smart Meters on your home be removed.  PG&E in California is required by law to remove your Smart Meter at your request.  There is a fee to remove the meter, and a small monthly fee for 3 years, but it is worth it to protect your health and avoid very expensive medical and/or naturopathic treatments to combat the effects of the radiation emitted by Smart Meters.

2.  If you own a home in a neighborhood where you are surrounded by houses that have Smart Meters, place Shungite pyramids on the window sills around your home, and place them near where you work or spend a lot of time.  Read this book about the protective properties of Shungite.  Large pyramids and balls are available for good prices on Ebay.  I have small pyramids affixed to the dashboard of my Prius to protect me from the EMFs from the two batteries and the satellite radio.

3.  If you do not own your own home, you can do two things to protect yourself.

a)  Get one or more plug in protectors from and plug them in around your home.

  b)  Buy Shungite pyramids and place them around your home as instructed above.

4.  In all cases, use Ethernet cables instead of WiFi for all your Internet needs.

a)  You can do this by purchasing Powerline Ethernet Adapters.  These are good ones.

b)  You will also need Ethernet cables to run from your Internet modem to one of the Powerline Adapter plugs, then cables to run from the adapters to any devices that use the internet, (TV, Roku, laptops, etc.)

c)  THEN CALL YOUR CABLE COMPANY TO HAVE THE WIFI SHUT OFF.  This will not shut off the Internet, just the free-floating WiFi signals.  Make sure they actually really shut the WiFi off, not just say they did.

This may seem a little complicated, but it is actually fairly easy and is worth the effort to protect your health.

Hard wiring your Internet connection has the added benefit of creating a truly strong, stable connection to the Internet, so Zoom calls are clear and  uninterrupted, and TV shows stream without interruption for buffering.

5.  When you are away from your home and subject to EMFs, Smart Meters, or WiFi in other buildings, bring a small portable device from and carry it in your pocket or purse.  These devices can be pricey, so if a portable unit is out of our price range, purchase some Shungite jewelry, (a necklace or bracelet), or carry a smaller shungite disk or pyramid in your pocket.

6. DO NOT CARRY YOUR SMART PHONE ON YOUR PERSON!  DO NOT HOLD YOUR SMART PHONE TO YOUR EAR TO TALK.  Carry your smart phone in a purse or satchel. When you are home, leave it on a counter or table.  Smart phone radiation is weak compared to house WiFi and Smart Meter radiation.  But holding the smart phone near your head for long periods of time exponentially increases your radiation exposure, and the radiation is directed right at your brain!  The further away the phone is from your body, the exponentially weaker the radiation.  Use the speaker phone function whenever possible and put the phone down on the table, away from your face.  Putting the phone on speaker and then holding it up to your mouth to speak doesn’t really reduce the radiation you receive from the phone.

7.  DO NOT SLEEP WITH THE SMARTPHONE NEAR YOUR HEAD.  If you use your smart phone for an alarm, get an alarm clock and put your cell phone on the other side of the room, or in another room.  Countless studies and many government health agencies have issued strong warnings against sleeping with a cell phone near your head.  The only time I ever have need of a cell phone on my nightstand is when, here in CA, we are under a fire evacuation warning and must be ready to hear the alert on our phones should we be ordered to evacuate.  Otherwise, my smart phone is on the charger in the kitchen when I sleep.

8.  Do not purchase “Smart” appliances that use WiFi, including home monitoring devices like Alexa.

9.  Do not wear “Smart” devices such as computer watches, or FitBits.



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