Ritual Baskets are unique gift baskets you can give to yourself or to a loved one. Combining interesting objects, art and ritual, these beautifully crafted baskets will help you create a transformative spiritual experience in the comfort of your own home.

Humans have used ritual for thousands of years to focus personal power toward accomplishing desired goals. Rituals focus our attention, our intention, through the engagement of all five senses, toward a specific goal. We create what we want in our lives through this intentional focus of our thoughts.

In each age, rituals were designed that spoke to the souls of ritual participants. Today, we may associate “ritual” with religious practices that have little meaning to us. Many of theses rituals are vestiges of the Iron Age, a time and a way of thinking beyond which many of us have evolved. We need new rituals that speak to us and help us focus our personal power to create the life we want.

Ritual Baskets will be available from Waves of Change in early 2015.  To keep informed of when these baskets become available, SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter.

Waves of Change Ritual Baskets are designed to help you create and conduct rituals that speak to your soul. Each basket includes specially selected objects and carefully crafted “actions” designed to engage all five senses, focusing your thoughts and personal power on a specific issue.

Baskets are designed for specific purposes.

Some examples:

“Celebrating Our Union” (wedding shower, Valentine’s Day)

“Welcome Baby Into the World” (a unique baby shower)

“Letting Go With Love” (divorce or relationship change)

“The Dark Night of the Soul” (help with challenging times)

“I See My Eyes in Your Eyes” (working through Mother/Daughter issues)

Included in each basket is a Guide Booklet, designed to lovingly guide you through the ritual process and help you to create a transformative experience unique to your needs.

Ritual Baskets will be available in the Fall of 2014 online and in Sonoma County stores.  Subscribe to The Wave News and Events and we’ll let you know when and how to purchase Ritual Baskets.

Want to learn more about how to use ritual to focus your personal power? Waves of Change will host Ritual Evenings, a time to gather and experience the power of ritual. When two or more are gathered for one purpose, their focused power grows exponentially, creating a truly transformative experience for all involved.

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