Waves of Change offers effective, healing therapies provided by experienced, gifted holistic and metaphysical practitioners, both in-house and through our network of healing professionals.

Stacey Leigh is the founder, mover and shaker, and creative soul behind Waves of Change


Stacey has over 20 years of experience in holistic therapies, and many more years of business experience.  She is certified in Healing Touch™, Quantum Touch™, and ThetaHealing™, and is an intuitive reader.

Stacey practices at Waves of Change, 115 Liberty St., Petaluma, CA.  For Holistic Consultations, energy work, ThetaHealing™, (to remove emotional blocks), intuitive readings, life coaching, or inquiries regarding Waves of Change or The Wave Holistic Journal, call Stacey at 707-474-2508.

707-474-2508          wehearyou@woctoheal.com

115 Liberty St., #4, Petaluma CA 94952

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